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Mediarize is an international pay-per-click and display network.

Our goal is to provide our partners with the best services. Sun Bow Media uses a combination of analysis and trusted experience to determine targeted audience of our clients. We find the optimal combination, how they can work together.


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Using our proprietary platform, we help advertisers to reach their target audience, we equip them with powerful solutions that maximize their revenues. Mediarize enables publishers to monetize their traffic from multiple forms of advertising. We give full control over the content on your site. You can easily operate in your clear and simple account in our network, watching your revenue grows online.

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Just register in our system and you'll get the access to our huge base of advertisers and traffic sources. We have advertisers with different budgets for all kinds of traffic and GEOs.

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Mediarize is an international digital marketing company offering advanced monetizing solutions for advertisers and publishers. Our team works to ensure only exellent traffic quality for our partners. We provide you with fabulous media buying efficiency and support. We are focused on establishing of respectful and longstanding relationship.



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